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Feel Your Inner Power Now By BEing Your Authentic Self

My Awareness of My Inner Space is Expanding

We are all Self Healing Empowerers. When we BELIEVE in our INNER LIGHT - our potential, our abundant nature - and reconnect within with our innate wisdom and become open, we bring forth this power. The beauty, love and creative energy that flows like magma in our essence can be brought to our surface life - that which is seen or experienced through our senses -  at any time. Don't be afraid. Go within and vibrate with that magnetic magnificence inside us all. 

You may have had a painful childhood, full of suffering and loss but that doesn't define WHO YOU ARE. You are always deeper, fuller, MORE than words can ever convey and though you may identify with your mind, you are not your thoughts. You are not the pain you feel, however long it has manifested inside you nor the sadness or loss, however deeply etched you may believe it to be because a lot of what you believe comes from conditioning and this is changeable. Connection in all aspects is KEY to thriving. To releasing the repetitive thoughts and beliefs that stop you from being here now and living authentically. Your body may still hold the pain and the trauma of past hurt but you can learn how to release this and be in the body, feeling safe, not of the mind, believing you are stuck in this state forever. 

Everything is fluid on the surface, in the realm of life seen but below that, in life's depths, you are ever present flowing and connected energetic life itself.  You are awareness and YOU can give yourself the love and ultimately, the LIFE you want NOW. This moment, the only moment we EVER REALLY HAVE. Be free - stop repressing and start expressing all the creative energy you have bottled up inside you which the universe is bursting to express through your very being.


How I Reconnected With Me Again

So this is me... when I started to embody my joy again. It was 2 years ago, when I was 38 and starting to let go of the mind made madness that had covered over my consciousness and led to years of internal rejection, mental anguish, sadness, grief, pain and anger that I felt most of my life, stemming from when I was 6 or 7 years old and began to disconnect from my true self. I had felt intense loss and disconnect which led to deep suffering and desperately searching for someone to love and accept me for me. 
Feeling unlovable and stuck, I was a magnet for more pain and suffering through a series of painful relationships that ended in deeper dissatisfaction. I longed to be free of this feedback loop of suffering but you can not be free externally if you resonate with pain from within.
I tried to find someone to make me feel better but after feeling unloved and not fully accepted, it was impossible to even begin to understand how to attract and maintain a connection with a man or woman who was joyful and present. I was deeply entangled in my painful past and fearful future. As everything is felt within, all must be dealt with, within and once the dark icy heart of shame is held to the light, it evaporates. Speaking my truth was intensely liberating and freed my access to my inner power, setting me on a journey of liberation and love.
I started to feel my joy more through personal work and research, going inward to understand my pain's root cause and how it shaped my mind and my behaviour and allow my awareness of the beauty in life daily, to grow. Through trauma experts Gabor Mate and Dr Bessel van der Kolk, I began to understand and disconnect from the past and to empower my present by listening to or reading enlightened teachings from Eckhart Tolle, almost daily. I became more aware of the power to bring that empowerment to my 'future' now through the knowledge of Dr Joe Dispenza and his techniques to reshape and adjust your path. By becoming aware of your repetitive thoughts and breaking this limiting pattern thus embodying a new way of being. I spent 3 years researching, learning and embodying new ways of being that resonate with my depths and freed my authenticity.
Now my past is purged, my present is positive and my future is fulfilling. I know my path, my passion and purpose are to help others heal themselves as I have. Though my background is not in the mental heath nor medical field, I come with deep understanding from living with depression and anxiety. I act as a guide sharing empowering steps for all who are ready to transform. Understand that no one else can ever heal you, not even a doctor, as it is your own body's system and the processes it performs that heal you returning you to feeling to whole again. Your whole BEing - body, mind, spirit, energy, presence, love -  the entirety of YOU, is the magical entity that can connect you with a now so beautiful, you lose attachment with the perpetually painful past and how it is replayed in your life, limiting you and you begin to live authentic to your essence - the love, light and peace within.



In_Powerment - Inner Peace Empowered Presence

This program offers tools, techniques and insights from my own personal experience and others inner journeys out of deep depression and intense anxiety. I share how my personal discoveries about how my highly sensitive/empathic nature and experience with childhood emotional neglect shaped my world and the ways I embody my authentic self by accepting my unique way of being and honouring my needs and desires. You can learn to be boundless by going into your essence, the deep I within where all life is connected and is intimately and intensely felt and experienced. Understanding that true empowerment comes from within and through true inner and outer connection.

If you would like to hear my story and share yours, to clear the clutter which covers your creativity and contentment and find access to your innate joy, come with me to the present, where all is found within and where this moment, the only moment we ever feel, is increasingly magical.

All is love. Go within to be, do, live, give, see, feel, create, experience and share more NOW. Embody your purpose and live with passion, free from the trauma and restrictions of your past.


The way trauma can lead to long term suffering - traumatised people have been disconnected from their body and trapped in their mind state. They've lost contact with their true state of being due to the trauma which left them with a sense of shame, disconnection, loss, pain... the catalyst for the pain/suffering/hurt that ruminates inside their mind and created their foundational programmed ways of being. They have disowned and disconnected from their body and stay in the surface/egoic nature of life making it imperative to realign within, with the body and with the deep I - the consciousness underlying all life and more aware and heightened than thought. The UniversALL Intelligence.

As we grow, we are learning and becoming aware of our feelings, emotions and unique needs. We are learning how to be ourselves. Yet to maintain our imperative attachments to carers who may be unconsciously re-enacting their trauma with us thus threatening our relationship with them, we can second guess and disconnect from our needs and live a fractured life of insecurity and imbalance. Prioritising our connection with others over connection with our unique selves in an undermining way that can lead to decades of half living by not BEing ourselves fully.


The life force that is housed deeply within our being, which is our very essence and guide can be covered over and detached from - so we lose connection with our authentic natures. This loss of authenticity long term can lead to great detachment from being and lead us off our rightful paths and from those we love until we are honest with ourselves and realise that we are not living how we desire, That we are living in our egos - giving form more power than what is within us, the one life energy that animates all life. 


We may go years, even decades not feeling and living how we deeply desire to exist, to BE and live in a state of stress detached from our innate joy endlessly reliving a long gone momentary past that insanely never ends. But the beauty is that we are always able to reconnect with the present moment, to open ourselves up to what is in the now through awareness.


That all the pain and suffering we may have felt, valid or otherwise, real or imagined, dissipates the instant we let go of what we allowed to hold us hostage. To trap our minds in those painful pasts and feared futures through conditioning. For some, this release from the past can be instant and long term, though for others it may take degrees of shift that lead to a large long term movement from a former state of being. 

Letting go, releasing the attachment with the past, is profoundly freeing and instantly allows us to be here now, in the only moment we truly need and can connect with. We become free from our old patterns of behaviour, our old beliefs or ways of being. We immediately reconnect with what is and free our state of being to truly appreciate and connect with what is in this moment.

That is not to say we will all have an awakening like Eckhart Tolle and become free of our egos ever more, but we can still accumulate and grow more and more moments of now connection or presence empowerment. Of greater awareness and release the old patterns of behaviour that kept us trapped in sadness or grief, fear or loss. Of comparison and less or more than.



And it is here, in this heightened aware state, that we ALLOW ourselves to live open, connected, creative, joyful, free lives where our INFINITE abundant potential is always accessible. That flows from the very source of all life throughout all energetic expressions of life, outwardly from within to our surface life, to that which is seen. Like our awareness of the universe's literal expansion. As above, so below. Remember, all that really matters is unseen, like energy itself that animates all life and how we feel in the now that creates our overall experience of life.

If you're traumatised, if you only think about the pain from your past, you are literally reliving the past in your endless present. A vicious loop of pain. But this does not have to be the case. I know from my own own traumatic childhood, where I experienced 2 life threatening events which hospitalised me as well as molestation and disconnection to my true self, that despite living decades in the same loop of pain, seeing counsellors and psychologists, I EMPOWERED MYSELF by being aware and present more and more. By reconnecting within and with others and expressing my authentic self creatively. 


Stepping back from the painful circle of thoughts and realising the REAL ME is the CONSCIOUSNESS AWARE OF THOUGHTS. Behind them, deeper and higher with an aerial and intimate view of my life experience. And from this place of deeper consciousness and higher awareness anything and everything is possible. I can create ANYTHING with awareness and belief and proactive and directed action and truly BE ANYWHERE. As can and do we all.


For anyone to get any where they want to, all you need to know is where you want to go and figure the best way there as you walk the path. Just keep walking and adjusting, bringing awareness to your ever present now, NOW.


I don't share this part of my history to strengthen the story in my mind, but rather to illustrate the path I was on and the journey I took to get to this present moment. I want to share this so you can see how disconnected internally I was and how far off my rightful path I had wondered, yet ultimately how all it takes is reconnection with NOW to be. To release the 'past' and accept what is in this moment. To let it BE. 

For me, ruminating on the past kept me stuck in the mind madness which needs to be released through guided awareness and presence and listening and expressing your authentic self. That is where my program can provide the guidance needed for anyone feeling stuck yet have a little seed of hope - of faith that there is more to life than they have experienced so far, despite the feeling of loss, less than or even for some, life long yearning for love.


I had some big traumas as a child - when I was 5 or 6 I had facial sugery for a cyst which scarred my cheek, fell on my chin leading to decades of jaw issues yet to be remedied, I was molested age 7, felt rejected emotionally by my mom, was hospitalised twice age 7 and again age 9, for 2 life threatening events, and repressed my sexual self leading to long term issues and disconnection from my authentic nature.


I started to hate myself intensely and this self hatred led to highly inflammatory skin disorders rosacea, eczema and psoriasis for which I felt rejected and ridiculed by others. I had extremely detrimental orthodontistry starting at age 15 where 8 teeth were removed against my ignored and repressed gut instinct, and which led to exacerbated and severe TMJ issues that potentially may lead to facial arthritis as I age... adding to my sense of vulnerability and threat.

I felt a sense of loss and insecurity and desperate NEED throughout my life which culminated in spending the decade of my 20's with only 2 friends, one of which was my first boyfriend at age 27 and led to accepting relationships that were either very controlling or at their worst, abusive. 

I went from career to career, trying graphic design, photography, architecture, naturopathy... but nothing healed me nor filled the painful dark hole that had consumed my connection with life and seemingly swallowed my joy.


A large aspect of my journey was the fact that due to feeling such intense shame and uncomfortable being open and speaking my truth, especially with family, I felt all I could do was retreat. Being so open and vulnerable was impossible. Terrifying after feeling such intense and undeserving rejection from my parents, particularly my mom. 


And so I moved into the background more and more and isolated in order to try to run away from the pain. I became less and less myself, more trapped in this version of who I was that was not who I really am, and more fearful and closer to suicide, a common theme from age 17 til just 3 years ago. Along with my needs, I suppressed my wants and desires and didn't reach out to my parents for help fearing further neglect and rejection.


This pain only grew as the lesson and wisdom in it was never listened to - was never even heard. Instead, my inability to let myself FEEL meant I literally had a pain scar covering this innate wisdom - numbing and restricting what IS in my life now and allowing the old repetitive undermining behaviours to strengthen and take hold of my way of being.


Then all of a sudden, decades had passed and I was still in that depression, that anxious state worried about how my truth would affect others and putting their needs above my own. It was an endless mind mess until I opened to my inner desire and the universe placed 2 endlessly beautiful and present, kind and connected, interested and attentive beings in my path who gave me freedom to speak my truth and in doing so release the burden of shame I had carried for decades. Who shifted my perspective so greatly that I started to FEEL my own innate JOY and to resonate with it, more and more, compounding its frequency and bringing it forth from within and towards me from the surface all at once. 


I now UNDERSTAND the absolute beauty of KNOWING MY POWER TO CREATE. Knowing that I can guide my surface life while also adjusting to what is, being a portal and connecting my inner and outer world. WE are that powerful. We exist in a realm that is more aware than other animals, where we can go above thought or below it through differing conscious states.


And it is by stepping back from the thoughts, the stories we tell ourselves and the repetitive behaviours, that we become more aware, more open to receiving the energetic life force that flows through and animates all life. Where we are more ALIVE.


Where we become more present and less encased in our egos. Where creation can flow more freely as humans move from thought based doers to presence aware beings. And more conscious manifesters, creating lives in greater alignment both inwardly and outwardly. 


Though this may sound intense, heavy, even overwhelming, it is in fact freeing and opens up endless possibilities of new creation, deeper connection, higher awareness, more intense love and compassion for ourselves and each other. For ALL BEINGS, bringing into existence, as Bruce Lipton has spoken of, heaven on Earth through allowing each of us beings more space and freedom to be. It all starts from within. Go there with love and compound that resonance as you allow it to flow out to all.

You are the author, artist and creator of your own life. Create with intent and watch it blossom into all you desire


It doesn't matter where you physically are when you FEEL your CONNECTION with ALL LIFE. When you understand that life energy flows through and IS EVERYTHING and the 'you' you are is part of the whole, the deep consciousness and ever present abundance of THE ONE LIFE ENERGY that has no parameters. It just IS



Reconnecting Within Meditations

These meditations guide the listener to their inner self, the conscious awareness housed within us all. I have written them to provide a step by step process anyone can access and use to realign with their authenticity and give themselves an opportunity to step out of their minds and feel their bodies. To reconnect with the vessel we use to navigate, experience and interact with our world. We are blessed to be becoming more aware  and inwardly and outwardly connected, to be able to understand life more and more deeply and give of ourselves from our unique depths, enhancing life experiences for all we make contact with 

Accessing Your Essence

This meditation takes you deep in to your higher self, the awareness that is ever present and always connected within and to the surface of life. 

Breathe and become aware of all that your essence allows you to feel, do, experience and be. 

Be in Your Body, Not of Your Mind

We can become so lost in thought, in the endless looping mind mesh, that we start to believe we are our thoughts. But as soon as we realise that we have identified with the mind, we have the power to step back from it and become one with our bodies. Feeling the life energy as it flows around and through every cell. With this awareness, it has been proven that we can actually manifest better health and increased vitality through belief and visualisation.

Authenticity and the Power of this Moment

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This online program consists of 8 modules which have lessons and actions starting with understanding why you feel the way you do then goes in to techniques and exercises which realign you with your authentic self and open you up to the wisdom within in this very moment, the NOW.

This process has been created from my own steps out of depression and managing anxiety and includes insights and life lessons from others I have interviewed who have suffered from deep depression and/or debilitating anxiety, disconnection within and from their life purpose or troubled relationships with others stemming from learned behaviour and beliefs that led to 'self hatred' (though this term is a misnomer, which I will clarify in the modules).

Here you can discover how your Highly Sensitive/Empathic nature influences how you interact with your world and ways we can all use to reconnect with who we are authentically. When we accept our unique way of being and meet our needs and desires, our potential is boundless. Knowing and understanding that life is expressed from an infinite well of potential that has thus far been greatly untapped and which, with intent and action, YOU can release frustration and amplify creation through presence empowerment and aligning within.


This creative power is accessible by each of us from within our being. From our minds, yes, but more accurately and immensely from the source of all creation which is our inner essence, the awareness deeper than our thoughts. Abundant. Never-ending. Perpetual. When we are born, we have infinite potential and are mostly so open and expressive, so in touch with our needs and wants yet lose contact with this way of being. Through this program, I reconnected with my authenticity and keep opening more and more to my flowing potentiality and so can you.  

There are endless inspiring stories of people and animals' resilience, tenacity, strength, love and beauty. Stories of unity, connection, innovation, creation, wisdom and empowered peace.


I believe I am creating such a story and that we all can. Lets allow ourselves to be our best - to bring the light, love, creation and spirit and true empowerment to our surfaces where it can continually influence and inspire those around us to live with passion and purpose. A beautiful flow on effect of empowered being.

To celebrate and share our unique gifts and heal our world by living in harmony in both our inner and our outer realms. Releasing attachment to our egoic selves and openly enriching our world.

Useful Resources

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Jon Kabbat Zinn - Some Reflections and Guidance on the Cultivation of Mindfulness Jon Kabat Zinn, PhD

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Dr Bessel van der Kolk - The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

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