The Rainbow of BEing

Updated: May 24, 2020

To not fully allow our unique expression, to self limit especially in order to avoid rejection, inferiority, judgement, is to constrain our own power. To force a flowing river to become backed up and stagnant.

It is like looking at a canvas (the world) and the paints (people, plants and animals) and deciding the bold, bright yellow is too show-offy, too intense, not orange enough... that it needs to be diluted, put into the background so as to not overpower the piece.

But all colours have the right to be seen, to self express. To BE. They compliment and support, unite with and help the other colours shine. Enhancing and complimenting their beauty.

Without yellow, how could we ever know a dandelion, all of a bee, our life giving sun? Without red, could we even begin to know the strange beauty of our pumping

life blood or the intense fragrant power of a red rose?

We need all the colours - every ONE - in order to see the rainbow of life. The kaleidescopic magic of every spectrum of our earthly BEings, from plant to people.

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