Set Your Intentions Using Your Heart in Order to Manifest with Authentic Power

Updated: May 31

We can spend many years manifesting things in our lives that are not what we are wanting, but because we focus on them and they resonate within us, even though in an undermining way, we give them power. I spent years manifesting things in my life that were painful - negative relationships, lack of direction and feeling disconnected and isolated - and felt pain over decades due to this unintended use of my creative energy. It was only when I started to realise the power within me, within us all, at ALL TIMES that I began to consciously manifest. To create my life with intention and purpose. And this in turn brought to the surface life, the life we physically embody, experience and expression of my passion as I connected with and shared my purpose.

For 5 years I have embodied my essence more and more and manifested the life I want with each step of my unique creative energy. Something I had floundered with for decades, chopping and changing from one thing to another. But in the last 2 years I have become more open and truthful about my past and my experience of life, I have written and illustrated my first children's book, A Little Seed of Hope which I self published through Amazon and studied life coaching. I traveled over east, interviewed others with depression and anxiety as part of my research for this program and most importantly, I have shared my painful past, in order to purge it and be more present, not pulled into the past pain. I have let go of anxiety that was once so overwhelming I almost purposely drove into a tree and spent decades thinking of ways to kill myself so my family wouldn't know I had.

Now, I feel so alive that at times I can feel the most beautiful yet strange connection with the trees as I sit nearby, experiencing such utter bliss that all senses become one and I am part of everything. It may be a mind trip or my ego taking hold, but the feeling is so intense and beautiful, bouyantly connective that I doubt it is my mind. I FEEL IT throughout my body, my WHOLE BEING. I have always found nature incredibly healing and been intensely caring and concerned for all life's welfare, but this feeling is like I disappear into all and cease to be separate. Honestly, I believe that more and more people will feel this too as we become more aware and open to ALL LIFE. As we connect more deeply and kindly with the world around and within us.

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