I See the Sunshine in the Tree

Updated: May 24, 2020

Listening to Thich Nhat Hanh, he spoke of seeing the sunshine in a tree, seeing the rain in it, the way it fed the tree and seeing the cosmos, all linked through the need and interdependence on each other in order to be... of seeing how all elements of life are connected as they all nourish, enrich and grow through their connection. It made me think of a photo where I had captured the very title of this blog - where the sun could be seen wrapping its warm and loving embrace around the tree, its gold caress holding the tree, being present and connected through the now.

I had used this image in an instagram post about the love we need to share more openly, especially with our children, something I had researched and written about for over a year as I went deep into the process of seeing, feeling and healing my past pain.

For me, this tree I captured in an photo and shared, symbolized the urge we all have inside us to strive towards higher awareness and greater love. To connect with the Earth, on the horizontal plain and with the space above, around, within and below us as we grow towards closer connection with the vertical plane - the spiritual realm of energetic expression. The life energy that animates ALL LIFE.

In the image, the gold light that colours the tree to me shows the integration of the most precious of all elements with the natural being-ness of life. And this golden light shines onto and not only holds the tree, but the tree's very existence allows the beauty of the light to be seen, touching it and reflecting it back. A different aspect of the light is seen by the trees very presence. A stunning metaphor for life and love and connection and presence - showing the importance of simply being and allowing others to be too. Because all life loves our being-ness

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