My Journey Out of Depression

Updated: May 24, 2020

Depression can be experienced differently by different people however, I feel that my depression stemmed from emotional neglect, childhood trauma and repression of my authentic self. Disconnection within and with others. So for me to heal, I needed to be open and honest with myself first, admit what I had been through and FELT and share my truth to free my innate way of being. Let my life energy flow.

If we try to suppress our 'negative' feelings we actually suppress all our feelings and to release them, allow them to flow, we need to allow ourselves to FEEL honestly. To clear out the blocked pain. It's scary and confronting but so cathartic when we can be honest and reconnect with who we are in our essence. Our unique way of being. Then we begin to know and feel that our power was there ALWAYS, we just didn't consciously use it. But as we use it more and more we become more empowered and it has a flow on effect. We become more open, allowing life to BE and our unique ways of being to manifest without prejudgment or self imposed limitations. And subconsciously, this gives others permission to BE themselves too, to FEEL THEIR POWER.

When we are comfortable in our own skin and the energy of love flows into and out of us naturally, then love, joy, self acceptance, inner peace - all of these compound, leading to an increasingly beautiful expression of a truly connected NOW.

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