Going Within the Deep I

Updated: May 24, 2020

At first, when you start to become more aware of the moments between thought, when you are truly present and here now, it feels like a needle in a haystack - I felt that I would never fully appreciate, let alone consciously manifest more of these moments. But I found compounding moments of this which have gained in momentum.

I now can be out in nature, walking and seeing all around me with greater awareness. The thoughts are there, yes, but they are not ALL THAT IS. Instead, they have gone to the background more and more - become something I can let fill my space or simply flitter in and out of my awareness to a degree.

It's not the case constantly. I still become caught up in the thought, at times even completely identifying with it, but these moments are less and less and I no longer FEEL I am my THOUGHTS. I know I am much more open and intentionally directed with my state of being. That is to say, I no longer just float through life, waiting for ___ - someone to 'save' me, something to make me happy, or a huge shift in my outside world that leads to a momentous uplifting of my surface life's expression.

I realise that what I want in life is mine to CREATE. It comes from within me and it is an expression of all life - it is source energy as it manifests through me in the physical realm. I am not filled, yet I am full. I am increasingly so intimately and deeply aware of the beauty in life. As I walk around, anywhere I recognise the inherent beauty in all life, especially the natural world; in nature. I am seeing and FEELING the wonder of life and becoming so immensely grateful for all that is as I experience it.

For decades I ran from being, from being me and being human as I was hyper aware of the suffering that we manifest in all life - the hungry; starved and forgotten, the animals; caged and in pain, the environment; abused and used, discarded... I wanted life to be beautiful for all and I know now that it is becoming so. I see the awareness I had felt as a teenager, becoming common knowledge, the plight of the persecuted being seen and acknowledged. And it fills me with such gratitude and joy and flows out of me, manifesting anew in the physical world, the surface life we all sense.

We are awakening, with each new day, as we look around us with more care and interest. We see and FEEL our power, accumulatively, and express our potential to transform what IS to a more intentional state of empowered BEing.

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