Freedom From a Self Limiting Mindset

Updated: May 24, 2020

I lived inside my head most of my life because I was so deeply inside my thoughts and I didn't feel confident nor receive the outer acceptance from others to be myself without self inhibiting first or at least second guessing/checking what I was going to say or do.

But I am aware of this now, have come to acknowledge it and accept it, to be open to transforming. I release this limitation which, though I had believed had come from outside my being, I now know was ALWAYS SELF IMPOSED. It was just that I didn't have the self awareness nor the understanding of this fact yet, to see it.

As I go deeper into this realisation that my life is of my making, that though it is influenced and added to by others outside of my being, whatever I feel is a product of my body and mind and awareness. This knowledge is ultimately empowering as it enables me to create with greater purpose and intention. To manifest more of what I want with more power.

Manifesting happens every second of every day but not always with intent, though it is as simple as thinking of a piece of fruit I love and enacting the steps to have it. This is exactly what manifesting is - I have a thought, good or bad, and I bring it into fruition through my actions, my beliefs and intent.

For many years, I believed I was psychic as what I thought would then come to BE. It would appear in my surface life. For instance, I would have a fear, deep and resonating, that something 'bad' would happen and it would. I used to be so shy and hate any attention on me especially in high school and I would sit in class, desperately praying that I would not be called on to answer a question that I didn't know the answer to. And I would sit there, thinking over and over - please don't ask me. I would be sweating and dreading going red and bam! - I'd get called on to answer and could feel the heat as it rose into my face, turning me a deep and attention demanding crimson...

Yet if I had been in a state of mind that repeated 'you got this' no matter if I knew the answer or not, I would have remained calm and at ease whether I was laughed at for not having the answer or haappily, I was able to bring forth the required reply.

When we begin to know our power, always present from within, we begin to see the myriad magic in our moment to moment manifesting. When the simple ways we can and DO CREATE daily, are enacted with greater purpose and direction, we are capable of truly life changing things. It is not that there are a few who have the power, who are 'blessed'. We ALL have the power to bring about true beauty or to perpetuate suffering, IF WE BELIEVE. And I want to get to the end of my life safe in the knowledge that I manifested more and more connection, more and more freedom for ALL BEINGS, more and more empowerment and peace and helped all of us in this astounding world to live from the heart. To break the self limiting mindsets that have held back and repressed our abundance. Lets grow our abundance connection into a compounding feedback loop of presence power.

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