The Innate Importance of Connection

Updated: May 24, 2020

Nothing in life is naturally separate, let alone isolated. When we look at the body, while all flows and is connected, there is inner and outer health. It is only when we start to suppress, block, remove, hinder, restrict or otherwise compromise the movement and connection with other parts do we start to see dis-ease and ill health. This is true in the physical body, this is true in nature and this is true for our consciousness. For the health of our awareness.

Many people still believe that the mind is where our consciousness is found - that where we think and interpret our senses is where the true 'I' is housed - "I think, therefore I am"... but there is a new awareness arising that the thoughts are but a small fraction of 'us' and that there is a deeper consciousness underlying this; more aware, connected with all life and unseen. The deep I as Eckhart Tolle speaks of, the consciousness that unites with, flows to and from source energy, the inner essence of energetic life that is the animating life force without which nothing would or could BE. The connection between ALL LIFE is literally undeniable, can be seen and felt and experienced.

Those highly sensitive or who have had or do have depression, anxiety or suffer in some way, are the ones most in tune with this - they are the ones who FEEL it. As someone who is both highly sensitive and has had depression for decades, I know first hand the importance of honouring our connection. For me, feeling a lack of proper connection with my mom and to a lesser degree my dad, was a massive factor leading to my sense of isolation and disconnection. To feeling unacceptable and subsequently repressing the real me. Pushing down and trying to disconnect from the sadness and grief.

But as all is connected, as a result of trying to suppress my 'negative feelings', I actually suppressed them all, becoming less than me. A mock version, half alive and out of touch with who I really am. It was only through realigning within, being open and speaking my truth, allowing my feelings to BE that I began to FEEL MY POWER, to FEEL source energy FLOW and know that I am WHOLE when I allow myself to BE. Connected within and with all. The UniversALL ONE. Love, light and peace BE WITHIN.

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