This online program consists of 6 modules containing teachings, insights, lessons and actions starting with understanding why you feel the way you do then goes in to techniques and exercises which realign you with your authentic self and open you up to the wisdom within in this very moment, the NOW. We go into the way our past experiences and conditioning, along with our inherent natural attributes, influences the way we respond to stimuli, the outer world and all it entails and how it is interpreted inside us. The way this inner/outer interaction can create beliefs and ways of seeing and feeling and dealing with our experience of our world, when in their undermining manifestation, can magnify our trapped mental states - breakable, escapable but still painful when feeling trapped inside them.

This process has been created from my own steps out of depression and managing anxiety and includes insights and life lessons from others I have interviewed who have suffered from depression and/or anxiety. Disconnection within and from their life purpose or troubled relationships with others stemming from learned behaviour and beliefs that led to 'self hatred' (though this term is a misnomer, which I will clarify in the modules).

Here you can discover how your Highly Sensitive/Empathic nature influences your interactions with your world and ways we can all use to reconnect with who we are authentically. When we accept and express our unique way of being and meet our needs and desires, our potential is boundless. Knowing and understanding that life is expressed from an infinite well of potential that has thus far been greatly untapped and which, with intent and action, YOU can release frustration and amplify creation through presence empowerment and aligning within.


This creative power is accessible by each of us from within our being. From our minds, yes, but more accurately and immensely from the source of all creation which is our inner essence, the awareness deeper than our thoughts. Abundant. Never-ending. Perpetual. We are born with infinite potential and naturally are open and expressive, in touch with our needs and wants yet lose contact with this way of being learned through pain and suffering. But this does not have to be our way. Through researching, creating and living this program, I reconnected with my authenticity and keep opening more and more to my flowing potential, and so can you.  

There are endless inspiring stories of resilience, tenacity, strength, love and beauty. Of unity, connection, innovation, creation, wisdom and empowered peace. I believe I am creating such a story and that we all can. Lets allow ourselves to be our best - to bring the light, love, creation and spirit and true inner empowerment to our surfaces where it can continually influence and inspire those around us to live authentically, with passion and purpose. A beautiful flow on effect of empowered being.

To celebrate and share our unique gifts and heal our world by living in harmony in both our inner and our outer realms. Releasing attachment to our egoic selves and openly enriching our world.


My program is a holistic approach to well being. I use an array of approaches and techniques and tools to lead to homeostatic balance* in your overall state of being, not focused solely on the physical. As I had decades of suffering due to my mental state, deeply influenced by my childhood and subsequent repression of my authentic self, I know intimately how it feels to question, undermine, negate and ignore my feelings and to believe I am my thoughts and opinions. Being so intimately linked with feeling that I felt I was my emotions. I suppressed my needs, desires and natural ways of being leading to a life time of feeling less than all I am, not truly known nor loved, disempowering myself. Unaware that I am deeper than thought and higher than the physical self - that I have a consciousness which can expand and view life from an elevated perspective when I open to the source of all life, deep inside all beings.

Through the awakening that has begun within me, starting with a dear friend who was the first to really SEE ME and want to know me authentically, I have been on a path of empowerment through realigning with my true self. Going within to release the self limiting, inhibiting behaviours that kept me in a constant state of fight, flight or freeze and not fully living. 

I know that everyone, at their core, in their essence, has immense boundless potential to BE and DO anything. That we self limit due to our mind made concepts of who or what we are or SHOULD BE instead of opening to our depths and allowing the wisdom housed within to guide us to our best lives - living with passion and purpose and no longer holding ourselves back. Trapped. Lost. Lonely.

Going within can seem intimidating, scary, even threatening, but it is ultimately so empowering and has led to my transformation from a deeply depressed, anxious and even suicidal woman for 20 years of my life, to a strong, directed, focused and proactively creative woman who knows and OWNS HER POWER. The power ALWAYS WITHIN ME and WITHIN YOU, NOW. Just covered over by mind made mess and constructed clutter which can be cleared, opening you to your innermost essence.

The modules below follow the path that I walked out of these concepts, generated by the outside world then enhanced and magnified within me, to the joyful, empowered being, present more and more in the NOW and not so pushed and pulled by mind made concepts from my painful past and feared future.

The modules content is summarised and illustrates how each module leads to the next, coalescing in a potent empowered path. Leading you, those who take this journey inward, to live with inner peace through empowered presence. Reconnecting with your innate power and ALLOWING your authentic selves to live freely.


  • Becoming Clear

  • Returning to Gut Instinct

  • Setting Intentions for the day and for your next 5 10 years

  • Starting the day with a daily practice (gratitude, yoga, meditation, journalling, nature walk, exercise, love share - msgs of love) 

  • All Manifests From Within

  • Take Flight

  • Authenticity vs Attachment

  • Connecting With the Vertical Dimension

  • Inner Outer Connection

  • Centred Empowerment

  • Being Fluid

  • Dream Believe Act Achieve

  • Be Boundless

  • Socrates - the secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.