Marten Roessler

Marten is the co-owner/operator of the Facebook marketing company Givity Media along with Alex Lerch and is one of my dearest friends. His ambition, infectious inspirational tenacity and kind heartedness were the catalyst for my new path of empowerment. He kindly spoke with me to share how he emerged from a self limiting mindset and isolating, inhibiting behaviour to start to walk a powerful path of proactive positivity and passion. Find more from him at

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Denise Linforth

Denise is my lovely cousin, living in Africa where I was born. She is a yoga teacher who practices holistic health and spirituality. She, like many of us, struggled with body image, self acceptance and feeling whole but has opened to her internal power more and more by realising that what we seek is always within us. When we stop covering our magic, we start to manifest our dreams. She and I had a chat about life and our paths to empowerment.  

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Charlie McGee

Charlie's funny Ted talk about the way we can use songs to learn well after our early years inspired me to reach out via Formidableveg on insta to learn from Charlie's personal insights. We spoke of how everyone can use lyrics and music to learn to be kinder to our beings, create better ways of expressing our uniqueness while loving and respecting our earth. Have a listen below

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Ben Harvey

Ben is the co-founder of Authentic Education, along with Cham Tang. I spoke with Ben after our initial meeting at his seminar in Perth and went on to study Life Coaching under his guidance. His time with depression showed him it was ultimately a gift when he befriended the pain in order to heal. Listen below

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Jessica Anwyl

Jessica has a rare form of rosacea which she battled with emotionally before coming to see and feel the benefits of a holistic approach and going within to access her power. She spoke with me after I found her through her instagram InTheRa and reached out to her to share my experience with rosacea and ask her advice. She was so open and kind and full of wisdom. Listen below

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Roman Munoz

Roman Munoz spoke with me about his spiritual journey inward and outward - simultatneously into his core and into the Universe. Learning how to process his trauma by finding what it was sent to teach him.

His childhood disconnect and pain led to a new deeper awareness and focus which has now become his calling as he shares his insights in order to help others heal themselves via his insta healingheartcode

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Louise Edlund

Louise Edlund worked as a physiotherapist before a severe car accident changed the course of her life. After suffering chronic pain, she went on to feel a deep resonance with yoga, studying it and deciding to combine this with her life coaching. She lives and works in Ibiza, combining her areas of knowledge to help her clients live a holistic life.

Her lovely spiritual and open nature was engaging and we touched on the deeper elements of life in our conversation. Have a listen below

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Kirstie Griffiths

Kirstie Griffiths, a yoga and chiropractor whom I spoke with shared her knowledge and insight into the workings of the human body and how it affects the mind and vice versa in our interview.

She was kind enough to give me an insight into her personal journey of discovery as she learned the uplifitng benefits of yoga for her and her clients. Have a listen below and for more information on her expertise and experience, have a look at her website,-

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Akash Mohan

Akash Mohan is a lovely young man whom I met through instagram, when he started to follow me, via In_Powerment on instagram.

We chatted about his time with depression and feeling pressured by his family to follow a certain path that didn't align with his passion.

He told me how he found his strength at the lowest point of his life and was able to turn his life around.

Akash began to share his passion of travel, music and dance as a video creator and influencer and has opened to a world of deep new friendships and interesting characters through sharing this passion via his instagram Skyfulloffiction

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