Ben Harvey

Ben is the co-founder of Authentic Education, along with Chang Tam. I spoke with Ben after our initial meeting at his seminar in Perth and went on to study Life Coaching under his guidance. His time with depression showed him it was ultimately a gift as he befriended the pain in order to heal. Listen below

Ben HarveyInterview
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Jessica Anwyl

Jessica has a rare form of rosacea which she battled with emotionally before coming to see and feel the benefits of a holistic approach and going within to access her power. She spoke with me after I found her through her instagram InTheRa and reached out to her to share my experience with rosacea and ask her advice. She was so open and kind and full of wisdom. Listen below

Jessica AnwylInterview
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Charlie McGee

Charlie's funny Ted talk about the way we can use songs to learn well after our early years inspired me to reach out via Formidableveg on insta and get some insight into how we can use lyrics and music to learn to be kinder to our beings, create kind new ways of expressing our uniqueness while loving and respecting our earth. Listen below

Roman Munoz

Roman Munoz spoke with me about his spiritual journey inward and outward - simultatneously into his core and into the Universe. Learning how to process his trauma by finding what it was sent to teach him.

His childhood disconnect and pain led to a new deeper awareness and focus which has now become his calling as he shares his insights in order to help others heal themselves via Dynamic.Imaging.

DISCLAIMER: The information shared here is not meant to replace medical advice, medication or counselling.

It is to help anyone who feels ready and called to realign within, with their own power. Perth WA 6000, Australia

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