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My Awareness of My Inner Space is Expanding

I guide people inwards, to reconnect with their authentic selves

and innate power,to live their dreams with passion and purpose

To become more aware, more present, you need to be honest with yourself and recognise the mind state you currently have – acknowledging what your ‘reality’ is so you can then open to being you, authentically. If you feel lost, stuck, closed off, overwhelmed or deeply disconnected, like you are living out of alignment with what your heart desires, disingenuous  but feeling and believing that there is more to life yet to be fully experienced, then you may need to open to BEing. To become clear on what has held you back, trapped within, writing it down may help you go deeper and sift through the thoughts that are coming up. This step can be confronting but it is integral, the foundation for the process this program contains. What is the overriding emotion as experienced in your body that you feel trapped in or limited by?

We are all capable of free self expression and realising our internal power, accessible at all times, always. You may have lost touch with this light - the love, joy and peace we all feel innately, however, once you allow yourself to strip away what covers it, to let it slip away, to be shed, then you clear the clutter covering your access to this light energy. And you open to life more and more, leading to a deepening presence awareness and connection to now and ALL LIFE. Your peace is increased as you feel the aliveness of life, in all moments and embody your authentic and unique life energy.


You can step back from totally identifying with the mind concepts, especially those of 'who you are', or what life IS, and you connect with the flow of life energy. Energy that never dies, that IS YOU and is felt and expressed through you as conscious presence, or awareness. You can let go of the person you had believed you are as you begin to feel more fully. All aspects of life - the space of life and the fullness of being. An inward, outward opening and flow of life as we expand internally and externally. Alert. Aware. Connected. Open. Flowing. Vulnerable and empowered. An energetic being engaging in life and interacting with more natural and loving life power.