Reconnecting Within Meditations

These meditations guide the listener to their inner self, the conscious awareness housed within us all. They can guide anyone to realign with their authenticity and provide an opportunity to step out of their minds and feel their bodies.


To reconnect with the vessel we use to navigate, experience, influence and interact with our world. We are blessed to be becoming more aware and inwardly and outwardly connected, able to understand life more deeply and give of ourselves from our unique depths, enhancing life experiences for all we connect with.


Your Essence

This meditation takes you deep in to your higher self, the awareness that is ever present and always connected within and to the surface of life. 

Breathe and become aware of all that your essence allows you to feel, do, experience and be. 

Be in Your Body,

Not of Your Mind

We can become so lost in thought, in the endless looping mind mesh, that we start to believe we are our thoughts. But as soon as we realise that we have identified with the mind, we have the power to step back from it and become one with our bodies. Feeling the life energy as it flows through every cell and IS everything.

With this awareness, it has been proven that we can actually manifest better health and increased vitality through belief and visualisation. here I guide you to feel your energetic expression as you feel into being with calm and peaceful presence.

Presence Peace Body meditation

Authenticity and the

Power of this Moment

Here we can become one with this moment, bringing life energy from deep within to our surface, expressing our needs and desires and sharing our unique energy with other beings.

To realise our ability to connect with our authenticity always, at any time, in any moment as only ever experienced as the now, unleashing and sharing our pent up potential to inspire, guide and empower others to be their true selves. 

Peace BE Within