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I guide people inwards, to reconnect with their authentic selves and innate power,

to live their dreams with passion and purpose

My Awareness of My Inner Space is Expanding






Feel Your Inner Power Now By BEing Your Authentic Self

We are all Self Healing Empowerers. When we BELIEVE in our INNER LIGHT - our potential, our abundant nature - and reconnect within with our innate wisdom and authentic selves. Feeling safe being open, we bring forth this power. The beauty, love and creative energy that flows like magma in our essence can be brought to our surface life - that which is seen or experienced through our senses -  at any time. Don't be afraid. Go within and vibrate with that magnetic magnificence inside us all.  This program guides those ready to go within, to realign with their authenticity and express their creative potential NOW, knowing you are on the most exciting and empowering journey of inner discovery. 

You may have had a painful childhood, full of suffering and loss but that doesn't define WHO YOU ARE. You are always deeper, fuller, MORE than words can ever convey and though you may identify with your mind, you are not your thoughts. You are not the pain you feel, however long it has manifested inside you nor the sadness or loss, however deeply etched you may believe it to be because a lot of what you believe comes from conditioning and this is changeable. Connection in all aspects is KEY to thriving - connecting with faith to what you want to manifest. To releasing the repetitive thoughts and beliefs that stop you from being here now and living authentically. Your body may still hold the pain and the trauma of past hurt but you can learn how to release this and be in the body, feeling safe, not of the mind, believing you are stuck in this state forever. 

Everything is fluid on the surface, in the realm of life seen but below that, in life's depths, you are ever present, flowing and connected energetic life itself.  You are awareness and YOU can give yourself the love and ultimately, the LIFE you want NOW. This moment, the only moment we EVER REALLY HAVE. Be free - stop repressing and start expressing all the creative energy you have bottled up inside you which the universe is bursting to express through your very being.

You are the author, artist and creator of your life.

Create with intent and watch it blossom into all you desire


It doesn't matter where you physically are when you FEEL your CONNECTION with ALL LIFE. When you understand that life energy flows through and IS EVERYTHING and the 'you' you are is part of the whole, the deep consciousness and ever present abundance of THE ONE LIFE ENERGY without parameters. It just IS

The In_Powerment Program is broken down to its core elements so it is easy to follow, understand and implement in your daily life. It breaks down the process that I took to change the way I interact with the outside world, starting from my inner one. We all create our world with our minds but first, our world creates our minds. Therefore, going back to the beginning can clarify what happened that led us to self limiting and we can expand on this core belief as we strengthen our gut instincts, realign within, open to our essence and reconnect with our authenticity once more. I have taken elements from an array of insightful and highly qualified sources that I found resonated with my journey out of depression and towards my authenticity and share in my program so many more can live their light, love their path, feel at peace with themselves and share their innate beauty with all around, enriching life from within.

Truly, Love, Light and Peace BE WITHIN


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DISCLAIMER: The information shared here is not meant to replace medical advice, medication or counselling.

It is to provide guidance for anyone who feels ready and called to realign within, with their own power. Perth WA 6000, Australia

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